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ZDDP Oil Alert for Older Cars


Welcome to the Head Turnerz Car Club website. We have created a club to enjoy the hobby of American classic cars and trucks and socialization with others that enjoy this hobby as well. Our main focus is to have fun with the classic car hobby, to promote courtesy and respect within the club. We are here to assist club members and other interested persons in obtaining, fine tuning, and the restoration of classic vehicles. We encourage club participation in local and non-local car events as discussed per the club members. Our philosphy is to provide unity of thought within the club, without discouragement of new ideas and presentations presented by the member body.  If you are interested in joining our club the annual dues are $20.00.

     Even if you are a member of another car club, you are most certainly welcome at our cruise-ins and club events.

~ P R E S I D E N T ' S    R A M B L I N G S ~

So friends, I got my twin turbo charged, fuel injected and stroked 555 cubic inch monster back last week from the builder. This monster he said, can run on 93 octane gas (20 lbs. boost) or if I need to turn up the boost another click (for pavement ripping action) please run 100 octane. I have never had a motor like this and it is a little intimidating to even look at much less put in a (stock type) suspension car!!! Looking on side of motor I saw the much anticipated dyno sheet; 1234 HP, 984 lbs. torque at 7800 rpm and I thought in a 2200 lb. car, I HAVE A PROBLEM!!! Now, don’t get me wrong this is a ground shaking, fire breathing, neck snapping monster that will run 6 seconds or there about in the ¼ mile in a car. I hear of people building cars with 800, 900 or even 1100 hp and never see the track to see how it runs. There are even trailer queens that have “all the race stuff” but never see the track- to each his own. On this date October 15, 2023, mark this on your calendar, I will have something close to this monster. Until next time, SHIFT AT RED LINE AND HOLD ON!!!




Belt tension......older vehicles used a "v" belt to drive the alternator, power steering pump, water pump etc. Verify that the belt tension is correct by applying hand pressure to the belt. It should not move up or down by more than about a half inch. If it moves more than that, it needs to be tightened. You folks that have the newer vehicles with the serpentine belts should not have to worry as much about tension as there is a tensioner along the belt routing that applies spring pressure to a pulley to keep the belt tight. I do, however, recommend when replacing a serpentine belt, you replace the tensioner assy also. Take care of your ride and she will take care of you.

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.

Psalm 13:5

ZDDP Oil Alert for Older Cars




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